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After moving files in the office all day on Friday, a drink or two or five seemed to be in order. Manual labor has a tendency to do that to me! I put in a text to my girl, D., who agreed to meet me at Panta Rei, our favorite North Beach restaurant/bar, which we lovingly refer to as “Panty Raid.” It was a fairly standard evening there – focaccia bread with sea salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, lots of beer, tiramisu, hugs and kisses from the staff, catch up conversation and the usual cattiness. Hey, isn’t that what life is all about? We realized that it was the birthday of our favorite bartender who used to work there, but is now back in Italy. We drank to him, as if any excuse was necessary. Then I wrote “Tanti Auguri” to him on a piece of paper, had the staff take our picture together holding that up and tagged him on Facebook! We hope he appreciated it!

Since there are a few more weeks requiring me to move files in the office (part of it is being renovated), Panty Raid might be seeing even more of me than usual! On the plus side, I get to wear jeans for the next couple of weeks! In addition, the North Beach Festival is next weekend. I better start pacing myself now!